I am not a scientist, I am not a doctor, I am not an expert. I am, however, a sentient human being who is smarter than the average bear, I read a ton of articles, I think, and I war game things. I predicted 10 years ago that the radical left would try to normalize pedophilia and I have been proven 100% correct. I am also a political junkie and I was a screaming liberal for most of my life until the left changed and you had to think like they think, do what they do, and be as woke as they were in order to be left enough for them. Their morals and ethics are built on quicksand. Example?

When Trump was first elected they used the scam that he was not all there, he was going senile, and they had to use the 25th amendment to remove him from office. I saw him speak live, without notes or a teleprompter, to a group of thousands, and he spoke for an hour and was in no way, shape or form suffering from senility or dementia.

Now the candidate is Joe Biden. I feel bad for Joe. He is absolutely suffering from dementia or senility and his family will not take him out of the race. He does not talk to the press or in front of groups of people. He is in his basement, drooling and dithering, and not his former self at all. The pigs on the left do not care, they will vote for someone who has the mental acuity of a tennis ball rather than Trump. That is deranged. But I digress.

So today I heard on the radio about a Yale professor, Harvey Risch, M.D., Ph.D., who is a researcher at the Yale School of Public Health with a specialty in cancer etiology, prevention and early diagnosis, and epidemiologic methods. Please see this article: https://medicine.yale.edu/news-article/26218/

Anyway, the synopsis is that hydroxychloroquine along with antibiotics or zinc, absolutely and positively is an effective medicine for Covid-19, and if used right when symptoms appear, would have saved 100,000 people from dying from this horrific virus. Other countries outside of the U.S. use this treatment and have had wonderful success with it as well.

A black doctor (her race is not a factor except to the left who attacked her) who was originally from Africa and is also a lawyer, was an E.R. doctor for a hospital in L.A. She has treated over 300 people with Covid-19 with this medication combination and not one of these people have died. She also happened to belong to a religion that had some different ideas about demons and aliens, so the left attacked her. You see, if ANY of your beliefs are different than that of the progressive left, then all of your ideas are automatically voided.

Because this doctor went to Washington, D.C. and because she spoke in a video about her experience, she was ravaged and character assassinated by the progressive left, and when she returned from L.A. she was fired from her job as an E.R. doctor because she spoke out, and it went against the thoughts and norms of the side that claims they believe in science.

Hydroxychloroquine has been around for 50 years and is used effectively to treat arthritis and malaria. It is safe, effective, and will save lives if used against Covid-19. But the FDA banned its use. The pills are dirt cheap, and everyone in the country could pay out of pocket and get change back from a $10 bill. So why are the left against it?

One, Trump was for it and this disease is more about getting Trump removed from office rather than curing people. If orange man said it, so goes the thinking, it is evil. Two, the drug companies stand to charge $4,000 per treatment of whatever virus medication they come up with. So, profits of $5.00 or $4,000. Gee, I wonder why this is happening. The pharmaceutical companies did the same damn thing to the man who claimed ulcers were caused by bacteria, rather than other factors, and ulcers could be cured using cheap antibiotics. Well, you can’t make a profit if that is the case, so for years they attacked him and his wacky ideas. Until he swallowed the bacteria, gave himself ulcers, cured his ulcers and repeated. Today, because of this brave doctor almost all ulcers are cured with cheap antibiotics.

The mask. Today there was an article about Holland and how their person in charge of this pandemic said that masks to not work to protect the spread of the virus and in fact may do more harm than good. Yet apparently he cannot be believed because a mask is going to save us from a virus. I wear a mask where I have to but am not afraid not to wear one either. I think this is just a form of control. The left loves them some control.

I don’t know where this will end but my gut reaction is that there will be a civil war. The masses are tired of the left and politicians trying to control every aspect of our lives, while their own Nirvanas they created, New York, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, and Minneapolis, have turned to shitholes. In San Francisco, literal shit holes because they allow the poor to shit wherever they want.

In Minneapolis the police have come out with guidelines that if you are robbed or carjacked, just give the animals who are preying on you everything and anything they want. You know, because that appeases whatever guilt the liberals might be feeling. The city leaders talk of defunding the police and they tell you that you will be robbed with no repercussions to the criminals, and they see nothing wrong with this logic. The sane people will move out as quick as possible and then the animals will be in control. The true Americans will get fed up. We get tired of cleaning up after their shit shows. We know all they do is lie. We will take it until we cannot take it no more, and there will be a civil war.

I fear for my country.

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