I first started hearing about the “progressive movement” ten years ago on Glenn Beck’s radio show, although it has been around since the days of Woodrow Wilson, if not earlier. I put those words in quotes because their ideology and actions are no different than the luddites of the Taliban. You must agree with every single talking point that comes out of their cancer riddled minds, or you will be attacked and ostracized. They are the most intolerant people on the planet today and what they are doing to this country is nothing short of treason.

I never understood why they do not leave the country if they do not like it. After all, there are many socialist and communist utopias out there, like Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, China, North Korea, Vietnam etc. If they love this form of government so much why don’t they shut the fuck up and move there? Because these countries are shatholes. They are corrupt and dirty and run down and cannot produce basic items like food or petroleum. The people starve and want and have nothing, yet the progressives want to emulate them. Isn’t that proof that they are diseased and not able to think clearly?

One country on earth had capitalism. In it’s very short existence, just over 250 years, they became the richest and most powerful nation on earth. Almost everyone in this country lives better lives than the richest of kings lived 300 years ago. We have an abundance of food flown in from all over the world, we have houses and heat and A/C in the summer. We own cars for travel and are not depended on some government official if we want to travel. Anyone in this country can become rich. Anyone. The richest people in this country did not come from the wealthy class, they came from poor or middle-class backgrounds. Most did not graduate college. They had an idea and sold it, keeping most of their profits and earning their wealth.

The “progressives” want everyone to be equal. Social justice, racial justice, whatever class they deem needs help gets shoved to the front of the line. Black Lives Matter sounds like a great organization, yet they want communism, they want to abolish the family, government will take care of you. They tell you that on their own website. They want more government. When was the last time government did anything right? I am hard pressed to come up with one thing. The Panama Canal?

We have lived for decades with an educational system that no longer teaches math. Kids do not learn multiplication tables. Now they do not learn how to write in cursive. So reading is going out the door. Pretty handy when you don’t want people reading things like the constitution and Declaration of Independence. Scores are low across the board even though we spend more money per student than any other country. History? That left the building when I was a kid. Now we have to learn history of the 1619 project which is nothing more than propaganda. Sad.

The media is gone and is nothing more than a P.R. firm for the Democrats. They are so stupid they do not know they are the first to be executed under any socialist and communist regimes.

Schools and colleges are gone. There is no independent thought, ideas, debate. There is only group think even when their thinking is wrong.

The DOJ is gone along with the FBI, CIA and NSA. They have been corrupted by liars and thieves and people who have no problem faking evidence, lying on FISA warrants, and going on TV and going after Trump.

Elections are gone, corrupted beyond repair by the Democrats and the left.

The people will clamor, like they have throughout history, for a strong leader and government that will correct all these ills. They will beg for law and order. They will ask for punishment. Since they let thugs out of jail in liberal cities, they will ask for safety. We are done as a county. I am sad.

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