Did you know they no longer teach handwriting in school? When I realized that I sat and wondered why. Why would reading, writing and arithmetic, long staples of the education apparatus in our country, suddenly be tossed aside? Now we worry about social justice, racism and hurt feelings. And math was lost a long time ago by introducing the convoluted and stupid new math, making it so difficult and complicated, so that no one understands it anymore. Why?

I think it is all part of a big plan that has been implemented by the left and progressives decades ago. If you take away the ability to read handwriting you take away access to things like the founding documents, the Declaration of Independence, the the constitution, the writings of all our founding fathers. If you take away the ability to read their own words you are relying on the corrupt and evil Google to translate things for you and there is a great chance they will lie to you to promote whatever communist agenda they want promoted. It is diobolical.

Math was taken away decades ago. Now people do not understand numbers and infection rates, projections. They are incapable of thinking logically and coming to their own conclusions. The average person follows the herd because they do not want to be attacked if they have a different point of view on anything.

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