I am a normal guy living a normal life in the United States in the year 2020. I live better than the richest of kings lived 400 years ago, but the same can be said for every person living in this country. The United States has “only” 328 million, the world 7.8 billion, so I am thinking we are about 4.2% of the world’s population. In the short amount of time this country has existed, we have become the most powerful and wealthiest nation on earth and I think that is a direct result of capitalism. For the first time in human history a man could keep what he earned, and not give it over to a king. A man could own houses and land and accumulate wealth. And the beautiful thing is anyone can succeed.

The Progressive movement was started by Woodrow Wilson and has morphed into one of the most intolerant ideologies on the planet. It has taken root in the Democrat party and like cancer in the body, has consumed it. I always wondered how the Nazis could have got in power, like why didn’t people stand up, but I no longer wonder that because I am living it today. It is truly evil and looks out for the many instead of looking out for the rights of the individual.

I grew up liberal. These people are not liberal. Today we live in a world where over 95% of college professors are liberal. The school system is filled with teachers who are unionized and are liberal. Together they have dumbed down the country so much, that people follow around like sheep. The average American is unable to think for themselves, to reason, to understand basic math, and to understand science. Oh, they scream they are for science but the things they believe in bely that thought and paint their beliefs as a religion. If you do not adhere to their doctrine, you are an apostate and must be banished.

The news media is supposed to act like a governor to the government, restricting what they can do, holding them to account, questioning motives and laws and corruption. Instead, over 90% of the media are liberal and progressive and instead of printing news, they lie and obfuscate and have become nothing more than a PR firm for the Democratic party. If you are conservative or have different thoughts and ideas, you are the enemy, You are to be destroyed. They will boycott you, shame you, print lies about you, repeat like drunken parrots whatever their lying political masters tell them to say.

Today we have a black guy that was killed by a white cop, which everyone o the planet was disgusted by. In response the city I grew up in was burned, stores were looted, people rioted for three nights, they took over and burned police stations, they effectively shut down their grocery stores and the Target stores. When they say “black lives matter” they attack those who say “all lives matter.” If you are an NFL quarterback and you say you will not take a knee, they attack you, even though you have done an almost super-human effort in giving money to charity and raising money for your city. The police are attacked as racists and killers, even though the actual numbers of unarmed men, black or white, killed by a cop, is very small. They want a perfect world, and in order to achieve it they must behave as zealots, rabid, crazy, and willing to do whatever it takes to anyone who dares utter a single thought that does not fit their narrative.

Free speech is gone. Facebook and Twitter censor any thought or idea that is conservative or right-wing, saying it is hate speech. Yet they let true hate speech thrive. Twitter was used by ANTIFA to coordinate the looting and arson that went with the riots, and Twitter had no problem with that. Instead they want to censor and quiet the President because he uses their platform to bypass the simpletons that run mainstream media.

If you are a company that believes in conservative ideals, you are boycotted. They try to stifle your means of making a living, even though these companies treat everyone equally. Capitalism works because if you don’t do the right thing, you naturally will go out of business.

The United States is the only capitalist country in the world, yet the rest of the world wants to change that because they are terrified of it. The Progressive movement loves communism, even though it has killed hundred of millions in the 20th century alone, trying to implement it. The New York Times described genocide by starvation in the Ukraine by saying, “you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet.” Every single solitary country run by communists or socialists are second or most likely, third-world countries. They are shitholes. The people there live in abject poverty and their free health care doles out Band-Aids instead of medicines, and the people starve. Venezuela runs out of petroleum even though they are a major petroleum producing country, or at least they were when businesses owned them.

So I hate Progressives, the Progressive movement and the Democratic party, which stands for nothing. They have no moral or ethical anchor. They kill babies after they are born, something Hitler did, and they call it an abortion. They have a chart of importance where people are separated by race, gender, sexuality, and thoughts. They think government knows best, government does things the best, and yet every city they run is bankrupt and crime-ridden. Their candidate for President is going senile, and they don’t care. They lied for years about Russia collusion with President Trump and they used the FBI, CIA and DOJ to completely fabricate a dossier and with that fake turd, used it to spy on innocent American citizens. They convicted a General, Flynn, who they themselves said was not lying. They lied under oath repeatedly. Adam Schiff lied about ever single interview he conducted in secret. They tried to overthrow this government an no one gets punished. They are morally corrupt.

There will be a civil war again in this country. I weep for my children.

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