I saw a meme yesterday on Facebook that summed up everything I wanted to say about Covid-19 in one neat little photo. A black man was killed by a cop here in the Twin Cities and there was a memorial for him yesterday. The usual suspects showed up, like Al Sharpton and other community leaders. There have also been peaceful protests and riots, and the world seems in chaos. The same people that tried to tell us that covid-19 was the most contagious virus ever inflicted upon mankind, suddenly were gathered, sans masks and with no social distancing. The meme said something to the effect that why is it OK to gather for this, but not to open businesses.

I have always thought Covid-19 was a hoax but now I think it is more sinister. It is a conspiracy brought forward by the left to destroy the United States, capitalism, and most importantly Donald Trump. The left is evil. They are like snakes, slithering their morals in whatever direction that they deem important. You have to think exactly like them. You have to agree with everything they stand for or you are deemed a reprobate. You have to toe the line. I never understood how someone like Hitler was able to take control, but people are really stupid and will follow whatever snake salesman that comes their way in order to be safe.

First of all the numbers never made sense. How can the world cases of this virus is a little over four million, and the United State has 1.5 million of the known cases. Statistically this is impossible. But on the radio today a guy called in from Virginia and his wife’s grandfather is in a nursing home and is going to die in the next two weeks from complications of cancer and old age. The caller said the nursing home offered his grandmother $1,000 if they could say he died of Covid-19. Why would they do this? It is simple, the nursing home gets paid $16,000 for every person that they diagnose as dying from Covid. Of course the numbers are going to be grossly inflated because of greed and corruption.

And then the government shut down the economy. It has been closed for three months and the “experts” tell us to social distance and wear masks. Our governor in Minnesota pretends he is the wizard in “The Wizard of Oz” because he is turning dials and blowing smoke up our asses in order to prevent a giant influx of covid that would overwhelm the hospitals. The problem is that no matter what a person dies from, gunshot wound for example, it is written up as covid. So the bars are closed, the restaurants are closed, retail stores are closed, everything is closed. The economy is destroyed. Unemployment is at depression era levels. All in the name of destroying Trump.

Meanwhile, the people telling us we have to social distance and wear masks go out and do not wear masks, and are not social distancing, and they do one thing and tell us to do another. They have their experts create models and every single model has been off by a ton, often by a factor of 10. First they tell us to not bother with masks, then wear masks, and now they do not know if masks are effective. For something that for most people is no worse than the flu.

Now if you are over seventy, or even more importantly if you have underlying health conditions, then covid is bad and it can kill you. If you are healthy and younger, more than likely you will not have any problems even if you get sick. It is not as deadly as we were told. Yet what do these “leaders” do here and in New York? They shove sick patients into nursing homes, thus exposing the most vulnerable people to the virus. In Minnesota something like 83% of all deaths are in nursing homes or assisted care. In New York the numbers are just as bad.

So the left will do anything to destroy Trump and this is an all-time low.

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