To speak against Barack Obama is blasphemy in our times. To the left and the mainstream media our first black President is untouchable; a God. He is the savior of the left, well-spoken, “educated,” family man. To the left he was the best President put upon this earth and to say otherwise is racist.

To the right, and me, he is a political thug who tried to overthrow the duly elected government of the United States. He is a man who locked up all records of his past so you cannot see where he went to college, his transcripts, his birth certificate, or anything. He was the editor of the Harvard Law Review but never wrote a damn thing. He supposedly attended Columbia, but according to Wayne Allen Root, no one in that class of 186 people remember him. From the outside looking in he has never worked hard for a damn thing in his life.

The absolute worst thing Barry ever did was try to overthrow the government. He had lackeys who fellated him whenever they could, like James Clapper, John Brennan, James Comey and Susan Rice, and of course the mainstream media. He directed his spy agencies to spy on Trump and wiretap everyone around him. These people flat out lied and created a fake narrative about Russia collusion, but it blew up in their faces. And Barry being Barry pretends he is above it all and tweets about honesty in government. This is a man who ordered the IRS to spy on conservative political groups.

Those of us on the right believe in the rule of law, not the special treatment proved to cover Barry and Hillary Clinton. We want to see these people who lied to FISA courts, who lied under oath, who knowingly went after and faked charges against a honest and moral man named Mike Flynn, we want to see these people arrested and charged. We want to charge those who bring fake rape charges against political opponents and those who back them up also. Meanwhile, Joe Biden who was Barry’s vice President, can molest a female staffer and it is OK.

Barry is the perfect example of a modern leftist. He has a wonderful appearance but underneath he lies, cheats and steals to go after people who are opposite him in their political beliefs. The media give him multimillion dollar contracts for books and movies and place him on a pedestal. It is sad.

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