I am back. Someone hijacked my website and I have been yearning to post something for ages. This post will be all about introducing myself and we’ll go from there.

I grew up poor in Minneapolis and grew up in a Democratic household and family. Every single person in my extended family voted Democrat and supported Democrats and accepted them because they ran our state. When I was growing up the Democrats stood for tolerance and equality, freedom of speech and thought, and they stood up for the little guy.

However, it soon became apparent to me after I graduated college that the Democrat party was taken over, albeit slowly, the progressive movement. This party suddenly became intolerant. If you didn’t believe in every one of their ideas, you were a banished from the tribe. The Democrat party has no problem with stealing elections (that is the only way they can win), putting the rights of people who are in this country illegally, over American’s who were born or raised here. They are fiscally irresponsible. They claim they are based in science and logic, yet the things they demand are a religion instead of thinking.

Today I live in a world where the mainstream media all think in lockstep, and they all vote Democrat. This means when they cover the news they are not a news organization, but rather a public relations firm for the Democratic party. The media lies constantly about anyone deemed “conservative.” They attack people’s characters and are willing to lie under oath and perjure themselves in order to get the results they want. They worship “climate change”, the evils of second-hand smoke, abortions, and anyone who is not white. Everything in the media and the Democratic party comes down to race, sexual identity and genitalia. You could create a flow-chart of who is more important when it comes to politics.

So this blog will be written three times a week and the subjects will be whatever happens to be happening in the world. I will offer my thoughts and insights because social platforms like Facebook and Twitter do not allow for freedom of thought. I hope that someone in the future will read this and realize there were people alive who still wanted things like truth, honesty, integrity, and honor.


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